Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Women are fickle

Please tell me who, after discussing the future with their paramour gets miserable? Hands up please! Anyone? - Yes Obi...
Yes I do. I am in a relationship with a great girl, she is sweet, funny extremely affectionate and a real mother hen. she is a darling and takes care of me and I consider myself lucky. I spoke with Penny Century tonight about July.
Now July for her means a few things. The huge possibility to move to Dublin is looming and increasing weekly. Her estranged husband will be coming back into her life about the same time and I know her and I know she would be better off with him and I suggest this, she listens and frowns and talks around the issue.
Now July for me is a current dark time, I have no idea where I will be at that time. I need to have a job and it will likely be in a different country and away from Poland or Ireland. So the future for Penny and I is a vague and uncertain thing. I care about Penny very much but I can't bring myself to love her or perhaps to say it, for me it is too early and I am still damaged from the last situation I was in. So with that said or unsaid in this case is a catch 22 situation.
I would like her to get back with her husband, there is obviously a strong connection that needs a lot of healing and work and her daughter needs her dad and she wants to have another child. I am not a selfish man and I can see this situation from a perspective that doesnt include me. But where does that leave me? Back at square one in the do see do of love and life...
...Grab your partner and swing em round until they fall... Obi


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