Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day 2008

Today is my anniversary in Poland, one year today. I can't believe it has been this long. Not in a bad way or anything, just the the calendar will start clocking over dates I have been here before.
I looked thru Google images and found a few that mean Australia Day to me.
I have been corresponding with someone of late and I am hoping we have not got our wires crossed, I want to confirm that I have said nothing negative, quite the contrary, I am just consistent and sincere as ever. I will just have to wait and see if I that is acknowledged.

The wind here tonight is kicking up to gale force, I seriously think the roof will come off, the rain and wind outside have turned my quiet street into a howling wind tunnel. I will sleep with my bedcovers over my head tonight.
Today I went to my bosses house for an obligatory lunch and it wasn't as bad as I expected. We spoke about business plans for the future of his cafe and exporting concerns. I was amazed that all my reading over the last year actually came in handy as I spouted facts and concepts from things I had read in Harvard Business Review - if you aren't into it, it can be a dry and pointless read, but because my one to one students like that kinda stuff I just fell into it all...
My house is spotlessly clean and I had a nice big meal. Today I signed all the certificates for all my students and looked at all the familiar names and remembered the faces.
Next Friday I am going to hit a bar with some friends for a big celebration. (Dunno what that is, but I am up for it!)
Working every night the next 2 weeks and I have to cover another English teacher. Speaking of which I hear there is another in town now. Good.

Cheers to all my dear friends back home celebrating the great day with a beer and a sunburn. Ah the old life, I sorta miss it sometimes.

Well I have 6 months to make a difference so wish me luck! Obi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello sunshine, hows trix?
finally found ya site and am leaving this message to say we all still love ya here at home.."hugs"
The girls miss ya and say hi.
Their starting back at school tomorrow so I might get some peace and quite back at home.
We're all doin' well hope ya doin' same.

2:56 am  
Blogger Adam Jack said...

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6:21 am  

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