Monday, February 18, 2008

The anomoly in my life is me...

I had a very relaxing holiday in Southern Germany with some nice friends and it was good to shake off the dust and snow poland and winter has brought me.
It was an arduous journey of 16 hours but I made it there and back in one piece so I am grateful. I took the trainand for the most part they a re comfortable for a 3 hour journey not 7. I took a night train to Berlin and we had trouble at the border at about 5am, it seems there were illegal vietnamese on the train and it took some doing to get them off but finally the drama was over and the result was that the train was 40 mins late. so I missed my connections at Berlin HbF, which was a real shit, so I went to the ticket office and explained and there was no trouble at all to change the tickets for new ones and in the end I was only one hour late to my destination after all...
A good week with friends and lots of food and dining out, it was good to see them again and relax in their company.
I even applied for 4 jobs in Germany this week, it seems that is isn't impossible to get a job there as I imagined. So fingers crossed all will go well.
My girlfriend missed me and so I was smoothered in hugs and kisses when I returned. I seem to have more energy now and I have new classes starting this week and I am pleased for the change in schedule.
The english teachers that my boss wants to hire are thin on the ground but one is still interested. he doesnt drive a car and I think never has - I am always suspicious of people that don't drive by the age of 20, call me opiniated or bias but it is a neccessary skill for the world, and really less of a choice than a must.
There is one teacher I know here that never learnt to drive and she taxis everywhere, now at the end of the day, this is a great expense and it is far more economical to own a car. Also there is a selfish element to not driving too, expecting people to pick you up and drive you etc all throughout your life is a artifically created dependence in my book.
I also find the people that don't have a license by 20 are exponentionally petrified of driving as the years pass. So a confident person who doesn't drive cannot manage the stress of a simple traffic light and a left turn. It is really an avoidable tragedy.
So now I must keep looking for work and do some more washing so Obi says good bye for now folks.


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