Monday, January 31, 2011

Rocky Road and Icecream...

Well it has been a rocky road with cash currently, cards eaten by ATMs and or should I say 2 cards in a matter of a month.
I really wonder what life is trying to say... My girl is causing me a little distress, it seems every conversation has her imitating a baby bird, more the hand open than the beak but you catch my drift. Now for me, money has been inconsistent and tight the last 2 months nad as much as I like to indulge and be generous and kind, i just cant be at the moment.
As it is now I am waiting for my bank in Oz to send me my replacement ATM card and I have no money at all to speak of.
goals set for myself and deadlines nad promises are all dancing like a warped Ballet in my head and I can only deal with what is happening today, and sometimes tomorrow but that is a tough thing when zou are supposed to be organised up the waahzoo...
I dunno we will see what happens.
birthday is coming and another decade rears its head...

Thursday, January 06, 2011


So here we are in the new year and it all seems open. Well the window sure isnt, its munus 11 outside and snowing.
I have been thinking more and more about home lately and the idea of leaving this errant life of teaching. But the opportunity costs and I have to go home and explain to prospective emplyers why my resume has a 6 year gap.
that is one of the many worries I have, of course now being over 40 is a problem and I become less and less attractive as a prospective new employee... Ageism.
Well i can ponder all I like but the best thing to do is go and get healthy - now that is one albatros around my neck, my health has suffered a lot in the last 3 years and now I am in a bad way. I just have to reorganise my priorities and arrange.
...and of course I have to face the music with money when Iget home too i will be broke... god knows you cannot save money in this job...
More later gaters - Obi hath spoken
I - Obi...