Thursday, January 06, 2011


So here we are in the new year and it all seems open. Well the window sure isnt, its munus 11 outside and snowing.
I have been thinking more and more about home lately and the idea of leaving this errant life of teaching. But the opportunity costs and I have to go home and explain to prospective emplyers why my resume has a 6 year gap.
that is one of the many worries I have, of course now being over 40 is a problem and I become less and less attractive as a prospective new employee... Ageism.
Well i can ponder all I like but the best thing to do is go and get healthy - now that is one albatros around my neck, my health has suffered a lot in the last 3 years and now I am in a bad way. I just have to reorganise my priorities and arrange.
...and of course I have to face the music with money when Iget home too i will be broke... god knows you cannot save money in this job...
More later gaters - Obi hath spoken


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