Wednesday, May 06, 2009

what is the difference??

What is the difference between...

Pressure sway
Precious way


The swing of the hips I think!

O B i!

Friday, May 01, 2009

A Busy Week Ahead

The quiet before the storm and I am still in a positive mood for a record month now - wow how things change.
I badly need running shoes, so I will be going to the laufen place that does proper keinesiological running exams with computer testing etc to assess which shoe is best - seems this is the norm now, wow it must have been a lot time since I bought my last ASICS!
there is a wonderful plac to run by my house - right along the rhein and so I will be heading down there daily if I can to either get my jogging times up or power walk.
I have been to the local pub lately and making an effort to meet people and make friends. I have been quite successful by German auslander standards and so I just need to keep pushing and these friends will become regular normal friend, for those who don't read my blog, Germans are exceptionally hard to become and stay friends with, but after a certain point they are friends for life.
My German conversations skills are sloppy and horrible but I keep pushing ahead and stuggling on with my tutors - beer and barmaids - heheheh (wink)
I have a heavy work load this last few weeks, but boss has realised how many hours I am down on his tally and so he is jamming me with overtime (that will never be paid of course becasue they are considered back hours - all 78 of them) so that simply means no overtime pay for Obi ever ever again.
going to a castle on Sunday and looking forward to absorbing it all, I will be taking people there myself shortly, as as I have discovered about myself, I hate discovering new places alone even though I made a career of it for a decade.
So wish me well on my holidays ladies and gentlemen - they start in 7 daze! Obi out!
I - Obi...