Thursday, November 27, 2008

November's End Is Nigh

Well I had tricked myself I think - seems November this year was the month for chaos. Too much to tell you now. But suffice it to say, I am looking forward to Christmas and the peace and solitude it will bring.
Work is winding down a lot now, as deadlines approach for my students in their companies and budgets dwindle for English Lessons, I am left with more and more time off. it is okay I am getting paid for it, I was way over this month on overtime, it will all balance out.
A work friend from Moscow died in a car accident, I beautiful vibrant girl with so much life ahead of her.
Another friend found me on Facebook after 22 years and it has been great to chat with him. I look forward to more chats in the New Year. It Still amazes me how much life changes us all.
Another dear friend from decades past has started writing to me again, of course now in this decade we chat online, no more paper and pens, tho I do miss that sometimes. But since beginning our chats we have really started to remember why we were friends, she is an inspiration to me.
The snow is falling rather pathetically and the temperature is hovering around zero. I did lock myself out of my house last Friday and could get no help to get back in. My only neighbours were away and all calls to people I know here fell on either deaf ears or useless hands. So the evening ended up with me seeing in a company car - turning the heater on hourly as I watched the first snow fall at -4c. at 8.30 the next morning and found a locksmith and persuaded him to come look at the lock and he jimmied it in 20 seconds. That is the fastest way to earn 40 euro I have ever seen.
During the night as I sit and stared at the clock on the part I had a lot of time to think about how i perceive my reality. I thought I had more friends; I often go out of my way for people and do things for them. But of course this is rarely reciprocated. I wanted to help the office with is work processes and I have to almost fight with them to see that I only want to give my time - FREE - to help update procedures with spreadsheets and other structural changes suggestions. I won't fight any longer. I will save my time for my own business when I get one. Enough for now. Obi has a whole day to decompress from a huge drama from last night...

Obi says - Russian women are just not worth the trouble...

I - Obi...