Saturday, March 24, 2007

The long dark winter of the soul

Greetings all. Only the most fervent readers would have hung about to read this blog with a 7 week gap. So I thank you for checking in and having faith in me.
This Bright sunny but cold Saturday afternoon sees in at home in my flat in smallsville Poland, where I am a conservative and humble teacher doing my best to teacher English to those new entrants into the EU.
Having said that I am doing well with my work, my students all like me and I do my best to keep them entertained and to educate them the best ways I know how, either from experience or from fervent research and study.
Currently I have a 2 bedroom 90sq metre apartment built in the last 2 years with all the mod cons, but sadly I have the bare minimum of furniture.
I was previously sleeping in my Moscow apartment on a sofa bed the FSB would be proud of, a circa 1950's pull out sofa bed that I dare not pull out for fear of dust from another decade. This is the reason that I have bought a nice bed for myself and for my back, a) - coz I deserve it. and b) - coz by back has been in agony at least 6 of 7 daze a week. The pain is quite draining. I would like to thank Ikea for the bed, but that is not a plug for them in any form or fashion...
I have 26 teaching hours a week, spread across General Elementary to highly accomplished MBA post graduates doing Business English papers, all in all fun and interesting.
After a month alone and settling time I gain a house mate, another teacher working for the same company as I do, but at least 25 years mentally younger than me. He is a new teacher, and there are expected adjustments he must/should make to the life of a teacher and living in another country , as we all know as ESL teachers. BUT, he has single-handedly mangled and destroyed and aggravated all the quiet, serious and anonymity that I had forged for myself in the last 2 months, but his immature, juvenile, and generally childish idiot, (if he was smarter than a roadkill, he could see how much he has stained and marked himself with a negative public opinion in a tiny town of 30,000, then he would be packing up in utter shame and going home.
As it is, he is heading home, (tho he thinks no one knows) in the next few weeks. The fact that he cries on the phone to his mum on a daily basis, can only speak about how hot the girls are in town and how many he can "get with" in a month and about his amazing abs and generally anything within a metre radius of himself, especially himself, has started to drive me almost irrevocably up the wall.
I told my boss that I didn't want to live with him and about his ridiculous behaviour, but it was at best ignored, or chucked about. My boss has no concept of how bad this idiots reputation has become and how it will reflect upon his school.
He comes home at 3am every day drunk and exhausted and then promises to himself every morning that he will not drink again, to date, he has had only one night before 12am and none without a skin full of alcohol. I take my role as teacher seriously, I respect my employer and my students equally, I am here to learn and teach. This idiot is here to party and sometimes attend class and wink at the girlies...
I have the opportunity to gain a 2 year residence visa and I will be processing paperwork for that in the next few weeks.
in 2 weeks I am off to Kaliningrad for a long weekend, more or less to get a new stamp in my passport, but more to get away and objectively view this life I have created for myself in smallsville.

Obi barely coping with the twat from Oxford!
I - Obi...