Friday, September 01, 2006

The Laaag Baby The Laaaaaaag....

Needed the sleep had a bad nights sleep. up too many times. my bed is the cause. the dust in my room is making my eyes sore in the morning and sore throat.

Wore jeans into work and dawdeled around all day really, I had nothing to do so check my emails and emailed everyone I knew chatted and laughed with Yulia and had a few people to interview for the new courses next week.

I have a full 30 hour timetable, some of which includes Ilona - my boss - no need to be assessed every 6 months, oh no - she'll have hawk eyes on me as a student and a boss.

Mary Anne - (Gillian's Island) missed her lunch as so, as the nice fella I am I went to the Bellini stand and bought her a ham and cheese and a nice cold ice tea. the office is a humid place. we had one person at 6.15 to wait for and she didnt turn up. Veronika and Ichatted more and hse asked me if I was not busy for moscow day, I agreed to meet her the next day.

Phillip took off to Tula to see his sweetie and have a romantic weekend and I am here all alone. at least the Proodukti very close by and so I have had a steady supply of beer and what every I can discover is eatable.

DVDs, beer and sleep
I - Obi...