Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well I am feeling rather disconnected from everything this week. or perhaps the pretty pitcure has cracked and the toxins are seeping through.
I really have lost all will to be in this town anymore. I need a holiday and I am okay with that, its coming but I am pleased and dreading it.
I have no plans for the first part of August, well in actual fact I really wanted to go travelling with someone but I can't find anyone to travel with.
So sadly I will be off to Krakow alone to wander the streets by myself, take photos of buildings and think about the person I miss the most.
Maybe I should just wander out into the forest and lakes around my town and not come back in September...
You can see the most beautiful sunset or beach or sights in this life, but it is all worth nothing if you are alone.
Obi + 1??


Blogger Red said...

My heart is with you. Hang in there.

6:56 pm  

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